Sunday, June 5, 2011

I Ate a Heart in San Francisco

San Francisco's Black Sweet Heart

So it's been a while.

Lots to catch up on.  The short version:  Heading towards mid-life crisis, loved ones dying, and Oprah was going off the air.  I needed a change.  Not a maudlin change, just an "It's Now of Never" sort of moment that makes one temporarily insane and utterly convinced one has achieved a nearly euphoric state of clarity, vision, and purpose. So I gave my notice, squashed the hearts of some very amazing young Thespians, and currently find myself a free agent in need of a job.

Make that a free agent in need of a job who now finds himself in San Francisco.  For now.

From the moment we landed, J and I had a singular eat our way through the city.  After hoofing it across most of Everybody's Favorite City, we landed at J's favorite spot in the world for Thai food - Suriya.

You would have to travel to Siam in order to find more authentic and delicious Thai cuisine.  The menu is fresh and seasonal featuring tasty delights for the carnivore as well as the veggiesaur. We enjoyed 13 Spice Lamb chops with spiced potatoes and a curiously, fiery little dish known as Crazy Jungle curry...or Kooky Pants Psycho Jungle curry...or some kind of name suggesting that there is a madman loose in the jungle and he is preparing really spicy, pumpkiny goodness.

The highlights, however, were at the beginning and end of the meal.  To start, we had the most divine stuffed eggplant, a simple dish featuring those little aubergines crammed full with a chicken and shrimp combo (think almost sausage-like) accompanied by the loveliest,  most verdant, herbaceous sauce I have ever tasted.  Spinach, oyster sauce, basil, cilantro, and a host of other ingredients dancing around the plate highlighting the unctuous flavor of the eggplant and the sweetly savory quality of the meat. J had to forcefully prevent me from licking the plate.  Fortunately, we got the skinny from our server, and I will be playing around with creating my own version (stay tuned for that one).

The real kicker came for dessert:  sweet, sticky black rice with mango.  I know.  Sounds odd.  But the rice had been combined with what tasted like a combination of coconut and condensed milks then placed in the center of slices of fresh mango arranged into the shape of a heart.  Cheesy?  Yes.  Delicious?  Absolutely.  So get yo' @$$ on over to the Bay City and eat yo' heart out.

What's your favorite "crazy" dessert?

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