About me

My name is Scott Duff and I love food.  I am an actor turned teacher living in Memphis, TN with my...partner?(too business-like)...boyfriend?(too casual)...husband?(too illegal)...my valentine (perfect) and our dog, Buster.  Like all theatre teachers, my work days are long and I seek refuge in my kitchen to chill out.  I am new to the blogging world after annoying people with posts about what I made for dinner on Facebook. 

Why The Improvised Chef?  Well...in another life I was an improviser and professional actor, and I have received no formal culinary training.  I very rarely work from recipes, preferring to play in the kitchen attempting to recreate dishes I've had or come up with something that sounds tasty.  I'm not trying to change the world, just share some yummy goodness and end up being Anne Burrell's bestie with my own show on Food Network.  You think I'm kidding.