Thursday, August 18, 2011

Hail to the Sandwich King!

While I was across the pond, being all artsy fartsy with the chillrun, Jeff Mauro, The Sandwich King, was chosen as the Next Food Network Star.  Throughout the entire season, he was funny, personable, and made some really great sandwiches. 

Well, sir, in honor of your coronation (and due to the fact that my butt is still jet lagged and I haven't quite made it to the store yet), I offer you one of my fave comfort foods:  the humble tuna melt.  However, like Ina, I turn the volume up by adding fresh dill, scallions, capers, stone ground mustard, and oil-cured olives to the delicious albacore and top it off with some extra sharp cheddar.  Finish it with baby spinach bad can that be?

Congratulations, Jeff!  Long may you reign.

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