Sunday, August 1, 2010

Adventures in the STL (part 2): Ted Drewe's

God exists, and makes Himself known in small and wonderful ways:

in the laughter of a baby,

in the promise of a rainbow,

 and in the form of delicious frozen dairy treats provided by Ted Drewes.
Attractive, no?  But all vanity goes out the window once you step away from their window.

Ted Drewes Fozen Custard is a miracle.  Like Soulard, it has been around for eons.  It's a small, free-standing building (well actually a couple of buildings now) that serves up the most incredible concoction that is the embodiment of all things summer:  The Concrete, a shake made from frozen custard that is so thick you can turn it upside down and nothing comes out, even in the middle of a hot St. Louis August day.  It comes in a variety of flavors ranging from chocolate marshmallow to peaches to, my personal fave, abaco mocha.  This stuff is soooo good, I can even overlook the fact that they have a concrete called the Frisco because it's full of fruits.  (This is the actual explanation you will get if you ask about the name).

Slightly homophobically named treats aside, if you are any where near STL in the summer and you don't are a stupid person undeserving of love.

Or you are lactose intolerant.

Notice how Father Beth is wasting no time to get in line.


  1. Love Ted Drewe's. We even stopped there on our way out of town once. It just happened to be at 9:00 in the morning. I'm not sure how we convinced them to serve us before they opened.

  2. So. did not realize you were also from St. Louis - I grew up there too. Ted Drewes - one of the only things I miss since moving to Chicago. Maybe you will come up with a frozen custard recipe??

  3. We visited STL for a wedding a few years ago, and the people in charge kept telling our entourage that we were going to some place called "Te Dreuze". We thought we were going to be eating some fancy French dessert later on that evening. We pulled up in front of this ice cream place and read the sign - "Ted Drewes". After eating a concrete (something I'd never heard of) we had a good laugh. C'est si bon!