Thursday, January 5, 2012

A Warm Breakfast in 10 Minutes

I'm not the biggest fan of breakfast, but sometimes you just need a little love in the morning.

I warmed up my leftover polenta, sauteed some spinach with a little garlic and poached me an egg. 

Ten minutes.  Done.

What are your breakfast shortcuts?


  1. Not hot, but this is my go-to breakfast - quick, easy and portable:

    - Frozen bananas (I don't measure, maybe the equivalent of 1-2 bananas)
    - 2 TB flaxseed meal
    - 1 TB almond butter*
    - 1 TB cocoa powder*
    - 1 cup almond milk (I buy the Horizon Pacific individual 8 oz packages from Amazon for easy measuring)

    Blend together and walla! Like drinking a chocolate shake for breakfast, only healthier.

    *variation - use dark chocolate almond spread instead of plain almond butter and cocoa powder

  2. This sounds awesome! I love Silk's almond milk as well.