Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Food is not Feed

As an improviser, I never had any trouble starting a scene. I would take a moment, establish an activity, and then jump into the abyss allowing the magic of possibilities to wash over me. I would simply follow my instincts, and, when I would get stuck, I would simply repeat the last idea and explore.

Now, sitting in front of my computer, I'm stuck.

Listen to your instincts. Repeat idea. Explore.

Food is not feed. A college professor of mine, the amazing Dwight Conquergood, uttered this phrase in a class entitled "Performance in Everyday Life" and it has stayed with me throughout the years. To many, food is merely a necessity, something to be consumed to keep you going. They shovel it in without regard to its composition, its emotional value, its story. Food is an expression of creativity, personal history, culture, psychology, and life.

Most of my happiest moments have involved food. Making Betty Crocker's meatloaf with my mother as a kid (my first dish), my first grown up birthday party feasting on fondue at Cafe Gejas in Chicago sipping red wine while being serenaded by classical Spanish guitar, dining on a football sized pear and a fresh baguette in front of Notre Dame in between performances of Twelfth Night in Paris, the spontaneous dinner parties and porch sittings in Memphis, TN. There is something about food that, like music, takes you back to a specific time and place allowing you to relive a moment while creating new memories. Food is meant to be celebrated, experienced, and shared.

Food is not feed.

In this blog, I plan on sharing recipes, stories, photos, and all things food.


  1. Great start! I can't wait to read more.

  2. So fun! I am glad I found your blog!